Divisions / Teenage

Teenage Divisions (age 13-16)

In the Teenage Division there are usually 10 to 12 players per team and they are selected onto teams after an evaluation process before the start of the season.

There are a maximum of nine players in the field defensively for each inning. Players are rotated through the infield and outfield positions and may sit for one or two innings at the discretion of the coaches.

"Teammate" requests for team placement are NOT accepted in the Rookie, Minor, Major and Teenage Divisions. "Sibling" requests for team placement will be considered at all levels for players eligible to play within the same division.

When do we play?

Games will take place on any day of the week, including weekends. Practices will occur at the team head coach's discretion on open days during the week. Frequency of games and practices for teams is approximately 2 games and 2 practices per week.

For events occuring during the week - start times are 6:30 PM. For weekends the start times can be anywhere from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

Games and practices will commence late April and run until late June.

What are the fees?

  • $325 per player plus $25 field maintenance fee for total fees of $350.
  • Family discount: 2nd child is $10 off; 3rd child is $15 off; and 4th child is $20 off.
  • Financial assistance with registration fees is offered by KidSport at kidsport.ab.caplease visit their website to determine eligibility.
  • Online registration is available commencing on January 1.


Interlock Games

Interlock games are played during the regular season with District 8 against teams from Rocky Mountain Little League, Fish Creek Little League and Cal South Little League. These game count towards the regular season with play-offs at the end of regualr season to determine the Interlock champion.

What equipment is required?

  • Numbered, embroidered baseball jersey and belt for pants (which must be returned at the end of the season), ball cap, baseball pants, and baseball socks are supplied by CWLL and are kept by the player.
  • All players must supply their own ball glove and running shoes or cleats (non-metal).
  • All players must supply and use groin protection.
  • Players must supply their own batting helmet. Please make sure it fits properly, is CSA approved.
  • Many players have or will wish to purchase their own baseball bats. There are very strict rules about the dimensions and composition of bats allowed for Little League play.
  • Each team will have an adequate supply of approved bats provided by CWLL.


The Intermediate Division is for 13 year olds.

At the Intermediate Division level the game evolves to reflect all spects of a real baseball game. There is a move to larger 80 ' diamond and the use of the regular rules of baseball, including calling balks and allowing lead-offs. Some games maybe played at the Intermediate size diamond which is 70' baselines and 50' pitching mound distance.

The Junior 90 Division is for 14 year olds.

At the Junior 90 Division level the game evolves to reflect all spects of a real baseball game. There is a move to larger 90 ' diamond and the use of the regular rules of baseball, including calling balks and allowing lead-offs.

The Senior Division is for 14 to 16 year olds

The Big League Division is played on 90' baselines and follows all of the rules of regular baseball. Regular season and playoffs interlock with all other participating leagues in Calgary, including outlying areas such as Airdrie, Cochrane, Canmore, and Okotoks