Please read all of the following information before registering through the links at the end of this section. 

All new and returning players must register online and all registrations are subject to available space in each division. Please see below for registration instructions for players requiring KidSport financial assistance.

1. New Players

Please confirm that you are eligible to play at Calgary West Little League by looking at our residency requirements on the “League Boundaries” page. Any player who resides or attends a school  within the CWLL league boundaries is eligible to play at CWLL. New players not previously registered with Calgary West Little League last season must register online, and also provide Proof of Current Address and Proof of Age of Child when completing the online registration. 

Three (3) documents providing proof of current address such as a utility, cable or telephone bill, insurance records, driver’s license, OR a document providing proof of current school being attended such as a report card, valid school identification card or school enrollment form are required as well as proof of age of child such as a birth certificate or passport. The proof of current address documents must be dated between February 1, 2020 and February 1, 2021. School documents need to be from the 2020-21 school year. New players should also confirm that they live within the league boundaries of CWLL before registering by clicking on the “League Boundaries” link on the homepage. 

2. Returning Players who have moved outside of CWLL Boundaries

Returning players who have moved out of the geographic boundaries for CWLL since last season are grandfathered and remain eligible to play with CWLL and participate on All-Star teams. 3 pieces of identification must be provided to show that their previous home address is within CWLL’s geographic boundaries. Please contact the Registrar to arrange for registration.

3. KidSport Assistance

CWLL believes all children should have the chance to play baseball. KidSport is a non-profit organization which will provide financial assistance to any eligible families for their CWLL registration fees. Players requiring KidSport financial assistance should contact the Registrar.

Please download and complete the Player Registration Form, (also found on our “Forms and Documents” page) as well as a Calgary resident completed KidSport application form. You can also find the application form on our “Forms and Documents” page. 

Age Eligibility for Divisions and Fees

Players must register in the appropriate division based on their age as noted in the chart below. To determine your child’s league age for the 2021 baseball season please click on the following link “LITTLE LEAGUE BASEBALL AGE DETERMINATION DATE” . Final assignment of 7 to 14 year old players to Rookie, Minor, Major, Intermediate, Junior or Senior divisions will be done after the player evaluation process is completed. Please refer to the “Player Evaluations” link on the homepage for more information.


4U Blastball4 and 5 year olds$125.00*
6U T-Ball5 and 6 year olds$150.00*
8U Rookie Ball7 and 8 year olds$250.00*
10U Minor9 and 10 year olds$350.00**
12U Major11 and 12 year olds$350.00**
13U Intermediate13 year olds$350.00**
14U Junior14 year olds$350.00**
16U Senior15 and 16 year olds$350.00**

Residence Eligibility

New players or returning players who have moved since last season, should refer to the “League Boundaries” link on the homepage to see if your address falls within our league boundaries to ensure your child is eligible to play at Calgary West Little League.

Teammate Requests

“Teammate” requests for team placement are accepted in the Blastball and T-Ball divisions, but NOT in the Rookie, Minor, Major, Intermediate, and Senior divisions. “Sibling” requests for team placement will be considered at all levels for players eligible to play within the same division.

Refund Policy


4. 2021 Spring Season – Frequently Asked Questions

A:            The season is currently expected to start in early April for the Minors and older divisions with the Rookie Ball division expected to start in early May. Cal West is hopeful to get some of our older age groups on the field in April for practice workouts.

Younger ages are not scheduled to start until early May.

If the season start is delayed, we will still plan to proceed; although some changes may be required for a shorter season.

A:            Cal West will be offering playing opportunities to all ages of baseball players (4 and up), Blastball age players (4-5 years old) will be moved into T-Ball as the development focus and playing experience is similar.

A:            Players can expect similar playing frequency in each division as our traditional Spring house league season. A lot hinges on field availability and City of Calgary permit approvals that are being sought in early June. Refer to the division links from our homepage for typical playing frequencies.

Cal West is always welcoming new registrants until we reach of player capacity. Evaluation requirements will depend on the extent of new registrants in each division. Please contact our Player Agent if you have any questions about evaluations (

If the season ends up getting cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions, we would provide a full refund to all remaining families committed to the season.

Parents may wish to purchase equipment (eg. helmets, bats, catching equipment, etc.) if they are uncomfortable with their children sharing Team equipment.  Procedures will be in place to ensure all Team equipment is properly sanitized between uses.

A:            We are evaluating forms of interleague / interlock play with our District 8 partner leagues (Rocky Mountain, Cal South, Fish Creek). Teenage will continue in an interlock format. We are investigating an elite level of play in an interleague format within Minor and Major divisions, but it is too early to share any details.

When it is deemed safe to do so, authority may be given to Leagues/Districts to host small tournaments with teams from other Districts. This may or may not be in conjunction with some form of All-Star ball.  Discussion will occur in early July with Little League Alberta.

A:            The focus this summer is on the return to a regular season first and foremost.  The previous format of Summer/All-Star baseball is currently on hold.  A revised format that aims to allow some weekend events in late August is currently in the planning stages. The concept of running regular season on weekdays and Summer All-Star baseball on weekends come the month of August is also a consideration at this time. The decision on what form and championship structure could exist will likely not be decided until late June.

  1. Shared equipment cleanliness?
  2. Team size, social distancing?
  3. Umpiring?
  4. Number of spectators allowed?

A:            All of these details will be included in Cal West’s updated Safety Plan that will incorporate COVID-19 precautions and guidelines from Little League Alberta’s Re-Launch Plan.  Click here to view the Re-Launch document as it will provide you with a lot of information that will underpin our contingent season and Safety Plan update. Please note, the Re-Launch document is continuing to be updated and its details are to be adopted as guidelines for each Association. Cal West is seeking clarification from Little League Alberta on applicable elements that we will adopt and our Safety Plan will be in place prior to any on-field activities. Players (parents) will also be required to sign a Release/Waiver of Liability and Assumption of Risk Agreement before being allowed to participate this season.

As many business are opening up around the City and making best efforts to provide a safe environment to patrons, our not-for-profit volunteer Association is doing its very best to offer the same to allow our children to play baseball. To make this season safe and successful, it is critical that all players, families, and volunteers are taking responsibility upon themselves to act safely and look out for each other. We cannot do it without all of your support. We will also need a lot more volunteers helping on each team to employ COVID safety measures. Please stay tuned for more information on volunteering requirements, as there will be a call for action from all our Cal West families!

Any questions regarding registration at CWLL can be directed  to



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 (Age is defined in accordance with Little League International – please refer to our news page for further information on the determination of league age for 2021 season)

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Calgary West Little League exists to provide the youth of our community with an affordable opportunity to learn excellent baseball skills in a fun, healthy, environment and to develop the three attributes of Little League’s Motto: Character, Courage, and Loyalty; to also understand an individual’s contribution to a team, to value healthy competition, and to respect the game and all its participants. Our goal is that these values and attributes will extend in the lives of our players beyond baseball.

It is our vision that we will continue to inspire pride in every player, parent, and volunteer for being part of a continuing tradition that has made Calgary West Little League a successful Little League in Canada since 1969.

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