Q:           When is the earliest date the season could start?  What is the latest the season could start and still be played?

A:            The season is currently expected to start the week of June 29th for the Rookie Ball division and older. Cal West is hopeful to get some of our older age groups on the field in June for practice workouts.

Younger ages will not likely start until the week of July 13th, to help stage safe return to play and adopt learnings from the older groups.

If the season start is delayed into mid-July (week of July 13), we will still plan to proceed; although some changes may be required for a shorter season. Any delays beyond mid-July would likely result in a cancellation of our Summer season and refund of fees.

Q:           When would the season end?  Would this impact a potential District 8 Fall Ball season?

A:            The season would not extend beyond the Labour Day long weekend in September. At this time, a D8 Fall Ball season has not been confirmed.

Q:           What age groups would be accommodated this summer?

A:            Cal West will be offering playing opportunities to all ages of baseball players (4 and up), but there have been too many Blastball registration withdrawals to make for a separate division. Blastball age players (4-5 years old) will be moved into T-Ball as the development focus and playing experience is similar.

Q:           How many games/practices would be scheduled per week?

A:            Players can expect similar playing frequency in each division as our traditional Spring house league season. A lot hinges on field availability and City of Calgary permit approvals that are being sought in early June. Refer to the division links from our homepage for typical playing frequencies.

Q:           How do I register for the Summer season?  Can I still register my child if they were not previously registered for the Spring season?

A:            For those of you that remain committed to playing in the Summer season, we will make use of your Spring registration details and fees collected, without needing you to re-register. We will not be collecting additional fees, and will not be re-evaluating players previously evaluated in February/March.

Cal West is always welcoming new registrants until we reach of player capacity. Evaluation requirements will depend on the extent of new registrants in each division. Please contact our Player Agent if you have any questions about evaluations (agentcwll@gmail.com).

Q:           How do I cancel my current registration if I have changed my mind?  What is the latest date to cancel my current registration and receive a refund if we can no longer play once season details are finally confirmed?

A:            Families currently registered for the Spring season have received links to surveys in our regular update emails from CWLL President Chris May.  You must fill out a survey to enter the queue for a refund. If you have already filled out a survey and have changed your mind, we may be able to modify your responses for you.

Any changes to Summer registration need to take place by June 7th in order to proceed with season preparations. If you decide to withdraw after this date, there will be a $100 administration fee charged as we are committing to many costs.

If the season ends up getting cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions, we would provide a full refund to all remaining families committed to the season.

Q:           What if we cannot commit to the entire Summer based on current travel/vacation plans?

A:            The summer season holds the same expectations as our traditional spring season for families to be committed to their teams for all games and practices.

Baseball requires a huge dependence on an entire team to successfully run a practice or field a line-up for a game.  It’s a difficult job for Coaches to plan line-ups and implement Little League Fair Play rules without the commitment of all players. If you will be away for an extended period over summer, ensure your coaches and team are informed reasonably in advance.

Q:           Are there going to be any additional costs for a Summer season vs. Spring?

A:            We will not be charging any more than the Spring fees that were already collected from prior registration. Due to COVID-19 precautions, the season requires some additional operating costs; however no additional fees will be charged to Summer registrants. At the end of the season, we will re-assess our actual spend and will issue partial refunds to families if we have not incurred the anticipated costs.

Parents may wish to purchase equipment (eg. helmets, bats, catching equipment, etc.) if they are uncomfortable with their children sharing Team equipment.  Procedures will be in place to ensure all Team equipment is properly sanitized between uses.

Q:           Would there be any additional travel required, either within Calgary or Southern AB?

A:            We are evaluating forms of interleague / interlock play with our District 8 partner leagues (Rocky Mountain, Cal South, Fish Creek). Teenage will continue in an interlock format. We are investigating an elite level of play in an interleague format within Minor and Major divisions, but it is too early to share any details.

When it is deemed safe to do so, authority may be given to Leagues/Districts to host small tournaments with teams from other Districts. This may or may not be in conjunction with some form of All-Star ball in 2020.  Discussion will occur in early July with Little League Alberta.

Q:           Would there be a separate Summer All-Star program if the season goes ahead?

A:            The focus this summer is on the return to a regular season first and foremost.  The previous format of Summer/All-Star baseball is currently on hold for 2020.  A revised format that aims to allow some weekend events in late August is currently in the planning stages. The concept of running regular season on weekdays and Summer All-Star baseball on weekends come the month of August is also a consideration at this time. The decision on what form and championship structure could exist in 2020 will likely not be decided until late June.

Q:           What safety precautions/modifications would be taken to protect participants?

  1. Shared equipment cleanliness?
  2. Team size, social distancing?
  3. Umpiring?
  4. Number of spectators allowed?

A:            All of these details will be included in Cal West’s updated Safety Plan that will incorporate COVID-19 precautions and guidelines from Little League Alberta’s Re-Launch Plan.  Click here to view the Re-Launch document as it will provide you with a lot of information that will underpin our contingent season and Safety Plan update. Please note, the Re-Launch document is continuing to be updated and its details are to be adopted as guidelines for each Association. Cal West is seeking clarification from Little League Alberta on applicable elements that we will adopt and our Safety Plan will be in place prior to any on-field activities. Players (parents) will also be required to sign a Release/Waiver of Liability and Assumption of Risk Agreement before being allowed to participate this season.

As many business are opening up around the City and making best efforts to provide a safe environment to patrons, our not-for-profit volunteer Association is doing its very best to offer the same to allow our children to play baseball. To make this season safe and successful, it is critical that all players, families, and volunteers are taking responsibility upon themselves to act safely and look out for each other. We cannot do it without all of your support. We will also need a lot more volunteers helping on each team to employ COVID safety measures. Please stay tuned for more information on volunteering requirements, as there will be a call for action from all our Cal West families!

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